[RESOLVED]Disks failure on new yorker node

We experienced two disk failures simultaneously in new yorker node. While trying to swap disk one by one and do raid array rebuild it failed hence we attached usb to which we are backing up data. Once they are backed up we can replace disks and roll out backup. Due to two disks failures backup process is really slow hence we thank you for your ... Read More »

26th Sep 2019
Urgent reboot of DE03

We had to do an emergency reboot of our DE03 machine. After 488 days of uptime time has come to reboot in order to keep software secure and machine reliable.Update: There is seems to be issue while booting this machine. Our technician is working on it as we speak. We will update you as the things progress.Update#2: Issue is fixed and VM's are ... Read More »

12th Mar 2019
[Solved]MIGRATION: Disk issue on NewLatestOpz LA node

Last night we noticed that one disk on our NewLatestOpz hostname node in Los Angeles is failing. Having in mind that hard disks are not hot-swap we decided to upgrade our machine there to new Intel E3 1270 series and with brand new SSD drives. Unfortunately as the situation is urgent we have already doing backup on this node and have ready ... Read More »

29th Aug 2018
Updated OS list

We have updated our KVM OS template list and added new templates.Some of them are: Debian 9.3 , Centos7.3, Ubuntu 17.04, Fedora 27 and similar. If there is any OS template missing and you think we should add it please feel free to submit a ticket requesting the same.

6th Feb 2018
Germany network upgrade

We are proud to announce that as of today all of our machines in Germany are running on 1Gbit network.

20th Jun 2016
Updated billing system

We have sucessfully updated our billing system to newest WHMCS v6.2 and our clients can see the new interface in their clientarea. Further improvements as well as a new website will be announced in following months.

12th Dec 2015
PayPal IPN problems

For the past few days we have problems with PayPal IPN ( Instant Payment Notification ). This means that all payments done by our clients for their invoices are still marked as unpaid in their client area even though you have paid for it. Please note that we are manually checking every payment to minimize any inconvenience this may cause. In the ... Read More »

24th May 2015
Kernel update - reboot required

Due to a fact that there is a new security patch for kernel we are updating our machines one by one. This will require server reboot which will be around 5min in order for a new kernel update to be accomplished. Apologizes for any inconvenience.

24th Mar 2015
KVM Node DE#1 down

We are aware that the KVM DE#1 node is down. Our tech are looking into the issue and it should be resolved shortly.
Update: It is up and running again.

6th Feb 2015
[ Dallas,TX ] Emergency Network Maintenance

This is a notice for an emergency maintance in our Dallas, Texas data center. All Dallas server are effected. Networks and engineering will be upgrading firmware as well as replacing a set of switches due to a critical bug affecting many services. Sorry for the inconvenience. No other issues are expected. Power will NOT be effected. The network ... Read More »

2nd Aug 2014