KVM Node DE#1 down

We are aware that the KVM DE#1 node is down. Our tech are looking into the issue and it should be resolved shortly.
Update: It is up and running again.

6th Feb 2015
[ Dallas,TX ] Emergency Network Maintenance

This is a notice for an emergency maintance in our Dallas, Texas data center. All Dallas server are effected. Networks and engineering will be upgrading firmware as well as replacing a set of switches due to a critical bug affecting many services. Sorry for the inconvenience. No other issues are expected. Power will NOT be effected. The network ... Read More »

2nd Aug 2014
[ Resolved ] Yorker node - SSH access

We aware of problems on our Yorker node. All services are responding to pings however SSH access is blocked. Our tech is looking at the issue.

Update: After 25 min's of SSH lockdown we have resolved this issue.

25th Jun 2014
[ Resolved ] Delay in setup

Due to high demand on German nodes we are experiencing delay in setup there. All orders should be setup in next 24-48h and due dates accordingly adjusted. We are sorry for inconvenience.

Update @ 16:49 PM: Additional IPs assigned and all pending orders processed.

23rd Jun 2014
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